Transforming a Controversial Heritage: The Case of the Fascist Victory Monument in South Tyrol


  • Andrea Carlà Institute for Minority Rights, Eurac Research
  • Johanna Mitterhofer Institute for Minority Rights, Eurac Research


Using a Fascist monument in South Tyrol, Northern Italy as a case study, this paper investigates
the role of monuments in managing and negotiating interpretations of the past in culturally heterogeneous
societies. It explores approaches to overcoming the exclusionary potential of cultural
heritage, reframing it in more inclusive, pluralist terms. It provides an in-depth analysis of a dialogical,
pluralistic approach to heritage, which allows divergent, even contrary, interpretations of the
past to coexist. Thus, the paper sheds light on how monuments (re)construct and contest memory
and history. It provides insights into constructive ways of engaging with a controversial heritage in
multiethnic societies.

Keywords: cultural heritage; fascism; memory; monuments; reconciliation; South Tyrol; multiethnic societies

DOI: 10.14712/23363231.2018.1