Zahraniční a bezpečnostní politika Vladimira Putina v letech 2000–2008 na pozadí bezpečnostní kultury Ruské federace


  • Lukáš Tichý Metropolitan University in Prague


Vladimir Putin’s Foreign and Security Policy in the Contextof Russia’s Security Culture, 2000–2008

The aim of this article is to describe and analyze Russia’s foreign and security policy in 2000 to 2008, i.e. during Vladimir Putin’s fist two presidential terms, and to situate these changes in the context of Russia’s security culture. This article is based on the premise that Russia’s foreign and security policy in this period were characterized by four features: (1) the promotion of multilateralism; (2) the exaggeration of threats to Russian national security; (3) an emphasis on nuclear deterrence and the modernization of Russian nuclear weapons; and (4) the use of energy as a tool of foreign policy.

Keywords: Russia, Vladimir Putin, foreign and security policy, security culture