The Making of George Washington: His Early Aspirations and Rapid Ascent


  • Stanislav Sýkora


The article maps the formation of Washington ’ s aspirations from his youth to the late 1750s. His rapid ascent was owing to the support of Lawrence Washington, the Fairfaxes, and Governor Dinwiddie who offered him fitting opportunities for service. Washington had his first taste of international acclaim following his early military ventures in the developing French and Indian War. In the army, his popularity grew mainly because of his fearlessness and desire for military action. Washington ’ s rise to the top crust of the Virginia gentry was solidified by his marriage to Miss Custis, one of the wealthiest widows in the province. By joining the elite group of Virginia ’ s political leaders in the House of Burgesses, Washington ’ s political ascent in the colony reached a significant milestone of visibility and served as a springboard for colonial and continental prominence.

Keywords:George Washington, aspirations, ascent, gentry, honor