První boje občanské války v Rusku a Rudá armáda vroce 1918.


  • Bohuslav Litera Institute of History, Czech Academy of Sciences


First Struggles of the Civil War in Russia and the Red Army in 1918.

The paper analyses the Red Army in the second half of 1918 in terms of its organisation, structure, and manpower. The author paid the attention to the Red Army in the context of the beginning Civil War, mentions also Trotsky’s concept of the building-up of the armed forces of the Bolshevik regime which was approved by the 5th All-Russian Congress of the Soviets, and his conflicts with the opposition led by Stalin. The efficiency of the establishment of the Red Army is measured by the fact that when the military operations were taking place mainly on the Eastern front, Red Army, after initial problems, successfully faced the White offensive by Admiral Kolchak. The author also demonstrates how the war changed and how the isolated struggles converted into regular military operations on relatively stable front lines.


Keywords: Soviet Russia, Civil War, Red Army