Tony Blair a devoluce: Vývoj skotských autonomních institucí.


  • Zuzana Kasáková Institute of International Studies, Faculty of Social Sciences, Charles University in Prague


Tony Blair and Devolution: A Development of Scottish Autonomy during the New Labour Government in 1997–2007.

Devolution, delegation of powers from the central government to subordinate regional bodies, was initiated in 1997 by the New Labour government as a part of its constitutional reform package. In the particular case of Scotland, devolution has led to the establishment of the Scottish Parliament and Scottish Executive. The article examines the inner processes of functioning of Scottish autonomous institutions through the lenses of Westminster and Whitehall and assesses the role of Tony Blair in their setting and performance. It also focuses on the impact of devolution on addressing the Scottish issues in London. As the Scottish institutions were established within a multilayered polity, attention is also paid to their involvement in the decision-making processes both at national and supranational levels.


Keywords: Tony Blair, New Labour, Labour Party, devolution, Scottish National Party