Future Prospects of Scotland.


  • Zuzana Kasáková Institute of International Studies, Faculty of Social Sciences, Charles University in Prague


The issues of Scottish devolution and independence have been discussed in the UK for decades. Coming to power in 2007, the Scottish National Party intensified the debate on the constitutional future of Scotland promoting Scottish independence. It is argued that further devolution and independence attracted most attention within political parties as well as within the Scottish public, while the status quo or federalism did not. Independence itself then is analysed on the basis of secession theories with particular attention paid to economy, territory, negotiations between the British and Scottish governments, and referendum issues, and their embodiment into the discussion. The National Conversation debate is examined through the lenses of reports produced by the Scottish Government as well as Liberal Democrats and by the independent Commission on Scottish Devolution established by Scottish Labour, Scottish Conservatives, and Liberal Democrats. The emphasis is also put on the involvement of the public into the debate as well as on opinion polls.

Keywords: devolution, secession, independence, Scottish Parliament, Scottish Government, Scottish National Party, Calman Commission, Steel Commission, National Conversation